Lesson Prices

Individual Lessons

Lesson TypeRyan DôneTrevor Newsham
Winter Package 1-Hour£0.00£0.00
Introductory Lesson£40.00N/A
Junior Lesson 1 Hour£35.00£25.00
Junior Lesson 30 Minutes£17.50£12.50
Short Game Lesson£25.00£20.00
Swing Lesson£25.00£20.00
Swing Lesson 60 Minutes£50.00£35.00

On Course Sessions

Lesson TypeRyan DôneTrevor Newsham
9 Hole LessonN/A£45.00
Course Management Lesson£40.00N/A
Course LessonN/A£30.00

Fitting Session

Lesson TypeRyan DôneTrevor Newsham
Iron Fitting£0.00N/A
Driver/Wood Fitting£0.00N/A
Deluxe Club Fitting£0.00N/A
Wedge Fitting£0.00£0.00
Deluxe Wedge Fitting£25.00£25.00
Ball Fitting£25.00N/A
Putter Fitting£25.00N/A

Gapping Sessions

These sessions are based around gapping and getting the most out of your current set

Lesson TypeRyan DôneTrevor Newsham
Premier Gapping Session£50.00£50.00
Know Your Numbers- Club Gapping£30.00£30.00

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